Registration & Training Conditions and Instructions

| Sharjah Driving Institute | Registration & Training Conditions and Instructions

​​Registration Conditions

  1. Applicant shall open a traffic file at the vehicle and driver licensing department, and get a card with the file number.
  2. Fill in the enrollment e-form on the SDI website.
  3. Attach with the application the following:
  4. Copy of the valid emirates ID.
  5. Copy of the traffic file document.
*In case of passing the theoretical lessons test at the theoretical training unit in Al Nassiriya, a copy of the passing certificate to be submitted.

Training Instructions

  1. Do not chat with the instructor on personal issues or that not related to the training subject.
  2. Period of practical training on light vehicles is 40 minutes, while on heavy vehicles is 30 minutes.
  3. Training fees are non-refundable, and not covering the overall training period along with the testing fees. These fees may increase if the trainee consumes all training courses before passing the road test.
  4. Late attendance time is cut from the course period.
  5. In case of a trainee's frequent absence, he/she will be put on the wailing list, without any right to objection.
  6. In case of absence for compulsory reasons, the trainee shall inform the competent employee to arrange for a reliever, otherwise the training course will be deducted from the balance.
  7. In case of the trainer's absence, the trainee will be notified and course will not be counted.
  8. If the trainee consumes all the balance of training courses, he/she shall pay additional fees and continue training until getting the license to avoid withholding the file.
  9. If the trainee wishes to stop training, he/she shall notify the competent employee two days before, and pay all outstanding fees.
  10. SDI is open all weekdays except Fridays.
  11. SDI management is ready to answer all your enquiries and provide the required assistance.
  12. All instructions and guidelines provided herein is subject to change by the SDI management.