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​The municipality is committed to achieving customer satisfaction and is working to strengthen and secure means of transactions with its customers, and is a commitment to protect the privacy rights of all of our customers who are visiting our site is of paramount importance to Sharjah Municipality. It is interested in security and privacy Sharjah Municipality's guidelines related to the collection of information and the use of your personal information policy. The collection and use of electronic information: Sharjah Municipality used its website for the following purposes:

1. collecting personal information for the purpose of responding to the request of the user or data entry or to complete transactions over the Internet, and if the user wishes to provide a figure for the Municipality of information, such as write a letter municipal employee or fill out and submit a form electronically via the website of the Municipality of Sharjah Municipality that information is used to respond to user message and help in obtaining information and / or services may be required, noting that the municipality does not involve any other party in the e-mail addresses provided by the user through the site, which the municipality.

2. Provide Electronic Transactions facilities if the user wishes to provide any personal information and / or payment information while using the Sharjah Municipality website, and this information can be collected, processed and disclosed to external departments of the Government of Sharjah to complete online transactions and record keeping for activities such as invoices, permits, licenses and other of business-related purposes.

3. collect usage statistics for the management of the website, such as assessing what information to determine the most and least interest, determining technical design and specifications, and to identify issues related to the performance of the system, noting that this information does not identify you as a personality. This is done to collect the following information about your visit:

4. web site and / or the Internet (IP) address, which entered through the municipal website.

5. The type of browser and operating system used to access the site to the municipality;

6. Date and time of the visit;

7. pages you visited protect your information: employ Sharjah Municipality safe mechanisms to protect information provided to them by their customers, used municipal latest to protect all the information that was defined encryption techniques have been sensitive, or any other data required protection in order to meet the requirements of Federal Regulations Sharjah own or local government.

Secure transmission of information: committed to this site to provide adequate protection to the information provided by us, there are electronic protect and physical and legal to keep your confidential information and in addition to this action, we are working on the information that is sensitive Oualbeanat to be kept secret encryption in line with legal requirements.

Privacy: Your personal information will not be available except for the municipal employees who require their working conditions access to such information, and would not that information be available for public inspection without your consent, and moreover, will not be sharing or trading of any such information to any third party without your prior consent, and it will not be allowed access to the information only qualified specialists and for those who provide municipal services.

The right to inspect, modify or correct personal data: any user entitled to provide us with personal preview of his input, modify or correct their personal information at any time.

Other sites and applications: municipal sites contain links with many sites created and maintained by public organizations or other private, we offer these links as a service to our users, and when users external location associated, they are leaving the municipal site and subject therefore Privacy private owners / patrons and security policies external site / external sites.

This Privacy Policy applies to the website of the Sharjah Municipality only, and if I moved to another location through an existing link in the municipal site pages it you should read this Privacy Policy site to determine the approved practices there and the municipality is not responsible for any damages resulting from the entry of these sites.​