Director's Message

| Sharjah Driving Institute | Director's Message

Since the Sharjah Driving Institute (SDI) has been founded in 1991 by a decree of HH Sheikh Sultan Bin Muhammad Al Qassimi, supreme council member And ruler of Sharjah, who through his future vision was concerned to ensure the safety of UAE youth. This vision has made the SDI one of the first academic and training government institutes in the Arab world and the GCC in particular. 

The foundation of this driving institute aimed to change the methods of driving instruction to be a comprehensive academic, theoretical and practical study, by which the safe driving could be achieved, and thus reducing the number of car accidents and protecting the youth for the country's interest.

We hope that we will be able to shoulder the responsibility invested in us, armed with the belief in our message and role, and taking into account the directives of our wise leadership and its aspiration to achieve our goal, by the help and grace of God Almighty.

It's regretful to hear about a noteworthy number of our youth lost to death in traffic accidents. This is one of the most serious problems we face nowadays, and which will should reflect on and try to find urgent solutions for it, as it undermines our human resources who have vital role in implementing our country's social and economic plans.​