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​Officially established on 11/2/1992, the Sharjah Driving Institute (SDI) is one of the first training and academic government institutes in the Arab region and the middle east. Nevertheless, it has been operating since October 1991. The foundation of the SDI has made a qualitative shift in the quality of drivers' training and qualification for getting the driving license. It turned out to be an excellent and successful experience and one of the cultural edifices in the emirate of Sharjah

The SDI has all scientific and human resources and the equipment that qualifies it to work in a highly competitive environment with other new established driving institutes. Thus, the SDI is able to raise the efficiency of its trainees, making them skilled drivers with the essential awareness and road responsibility. The SDI seeks all the time to instill in the trainees the desire to abide by the traffic rules and the keenness on safe and preventive driving, especially the youth. It provides to the trainees with all safety and security requirements, and all the theoretical and practical information about the rules and art of driving to avoid them the accidents that result in causalities

The SDI management keeps on improving the work procedures to keep pace with the ongoing development and the quality improvement in the UAE through the optimum use of technologies and the adoption of modern and preventive training courses​


Making a qualitative leap in the level of driver training and qualification service, and contributing in reducing traffic accidents in order to safeguard human and material resources​


Encouraging and achieving safe driving on the road, and activating its rule in protecting individuals and the community as a whole