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  • Theoretical training

    Theoretical classes (all categories)

    The theoretical classes are given to the trainees to educate...

  • Traffic points courses

    It is a qualifying programme to improve the negative practices of drivers who violate the federal traffic law, and accordingly reducing the number of black points registered on driving license because of these violations

    General programme: for ...


  • Practical training

    Light vehicle

    The practical training on light vehicles (manual & automatic) includes two stages. The first stage is the initial training in a mini city i...


Driving Skills

  • 1 Teens Behind The Wheel A few helpful tips for teens to follow when driving: • Always wear your seat belt and make sure all passengers buckle up, too. • Adjust your car seat’s headrest to a height behind your head and not your neck to minimize whiplash in case you’re in an accident. •
  • 2 Drives Green At SDI, in 2009, we have initiated a drive towards a greener tomorrow. And you don’t have to do big things to make this happen! All it takes are simple day to day activities, which if done consistently can keep the world green for a long time to come.
  • 3 Motorbike Safety Tips We all know that riding a motorbike is fun! But don't let the joy of riding overshadow the risks. Here are some vital tips for safety on motorbikes: • Mirrors: It should be clean, and must be adjusted so that you can see about half of the lane behind you and as.